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TEAM ELOGISOL is a professionally managed IT product and IT enabled services Provider Company focused on the Logistics domain. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and economical software solutions to our valuable customers to run the process smoothly. The strength of TEAM ELOGISOL emerges from its domain competence in Logistics Software design, development and implementation of IT systems. In addition, a deep understanding of cargo movements, logistics service planning, issues in EXIM and Domestic container & cargo transport. Our aim is to become a premier software solution provider in the logistics & supply chain domain.

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Products & Services

eLOGiPark is one-stop solution to smoothly run all the business process related to terminal operation, sales & commercials, billing, planning, rail operations & transportation, road transportation, customs clearance, EDI processing, fleet maintance, security. Web based technology provide the easy access of application from remote. eLOGiPark is a modular system integrated each module with other and flow the data from one module. This result the maximum through with less manpower, data security, efficient & advanced work flow process with minimum data load.

eLOGiRail System is a web based application designed for managing all the Operational, Commercial and Sales processes involved in Rail operations business. Application can be assess easily on internet to get the real time information. Each module helps to streamline the process of rail operations. The main modules of the eLOGiRail system are Sales & Commercial, Operations. This is a system that recognizes the importance of IT as a key enabler / differentiator for the rail business. System is integrated to FOIS for electronic RR generation. Finance module is integrated with SAP/Tally at real time basis. Advance technologies are used to improve the throughput of resources.

eLOGiFleet is the one stop solution for transport operations in logistics domain. The system is web based and updated data is easily assessable on internet with secure login. Tracking of container/cargo from origin to final destination on single click. System helps to streamline the process flow of transportation. Maximum resource utilization with minimum data flow. Auto DSR updates to customers & vendor. eLOGiFleet provides transport management, tracking and billing solution for freight forwarding. System provides to create & maintain the vehicle, bed, tire, driver, empty container booking, GR generation, Trip expenses and Billing .

eLOGiFreight is a web based application designed for managing all the Operational, Commercial and Sales processes involved in Freight forwarding business. The main modules of the eLOGiFreight system are Sales, Master, Import, Export, Domestic, Gate and Commercial. Import, Export, Domestic module contains operations of all handling modes like Terminal, Warehouse and Factory. System helps to wok efficiently with minimum resource and maximum throughput.

The AFTO System is designed on Web architecture using ASP.NET with web services, java script with Oracle 10.x as the Database. Other technologies used in /compatible with the system are - Hand handled terminals, Auto mailing, Mobile technology, SMS Services, RFID, GPS. This system helps to streamline the process of Auto Freight Train Operations. The process in AFTO system should starts with a sales order generations. After sales order generation GR should be generated to pick up the articles from customer’s locations. The gate out/gate in and loading/offloading process will be tracked through GPS enabled RFID tags. Once loaded truck is arrived at terminal then a survey will be done by the operation team and accordingly articles will be shifted to the yard or can be placed at the platform for loading purpose. When required outward pendency will created then rake will be planned for the destination location. Below is the list of activities which should be maintained in the AFTO system.

eLOGiPay is integrated middleware solution for online payment. Key modules include:-
Automated payment reconciliation
Tally Invoices on eLOGiPay cloud
Ease of Payment
Collection Dashboard
Automated payment reminder service
Highly secured

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